Travel from San Diego to Bangkok


Whoever said that getting there is half the fun was on crack!

Travel to Airport ½ hour
Checkin and wait 2 hours
Flight to SFO 1 ½ hours
Wait for next flight 3 ½ hours
Flight to Japan 10 ½ hours
Wait 3 hours
Flight to BKK 6 ½ hours
Taxi to hotel 1 hours
Total 28 ½ hours

Ok, after 28 ½ hours of sitting in a tiny airline seat, I get a little cranky and tend to simply want to get to my hotel and stretch out. I did pass on the hotel car (1900 bt) and instead took a standard car (a flat rate taxi that looks more like a private car then a taxi) to the hotel. The new airport some distance outside Bangkok, about 30 minutes with no traffic. The car cost 900 bt (about $25)

Here are some photos of the Narita Airport in Japan.

Narita Airport Gates - NICE!

More Airport Photos

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