There is grub and there is grub grub


Ok, in previous posts I’ve suggested methods of eating through a meal that is … well, “questionable”. I want to let everyone know that while in the mountains, I encountered “chewy vegetable”. Following my own advice, I chomped through and finished the soup in question. It seems that mambers of my trekking group had not read my post because they DID ask what the soup was made of. I tried covering my ears and humming “Mary had a little lamb” (a trick I learned from my darling sister) but I was simply too late. By the way, the item in question was “champignon” which is French for “mushroom”.

HOWEVER, we did also have these on the table and there was no doubting what they were. We had them fried up and crunchy and, yes, I did eat them.
Fry then and they are really little nothings

These things I did not try. This photo was also taken at the market below the mountains. You can see there are beatles, grasshoppers (ok, probably cockroaches), and fresh honeycomb. (The bowl in the back is also grubs, maybe in a spice sauce)
Yum yum yum

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