I’m sure everyone knows that Vancouver is a beautiful city but did you know it hardly ever snows in Vancouver? It’s true…at least that is what they tell you when all the flights are delayed because they got 3 inches of snow. It seems Vancouver is not really prepared for snow. From what I could tell, they have one or two snow-plows which are, no doubt, left in a remote parking lot on the outskirts of town which is totally inaccessable until the roads are cleared. I have reason to believe that the drivers of these plows live in the small town of Squamish, an hour north of the city. (It may be interesting to note that the plow parking station is in southern Vancouver) But in this case the location of the plows is mute because everyone from Squamish was up skiing for the openning weekend at Blackholm.
Well, ok, maybe it doesn’t snow much in Vancouver. I’ll bet it rains a fair amount though, right? I mean, it’s on the northern lip of the Pacific. Well, it seems it doesn’t normally rain AS MUCH as it has this year. The rivers are overflowing, you see. That causes the water system to fill with silt and before you know it, the water is undrinkable and your bath looks like PigPen’s jacuzzi.
Aside from Vancouver’s difficulty dealing with the weather this year, it really is a great place to visit. It DOES get very cold in Vancouver, even if there is no snow, so pack your warm clothes. Me, I enjoy the city and appreciate it more and more with each visit. I’m sure the water situation will not be fixed in the near future since it must take months to flush a citywide system, but don’t most of us drink bottled water anyway?

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