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I’ve mentioned how easy the Tokyo subway and train system is. I’m sure you were thinking, “But, Paul, how easy is it?” Well, I’m glad all you people in my head have asked that question because I have an answer!

Websters Dictionary defines Easy in a way that isn’t the least bit amusing so it’s not useful so I’m going to define Easy as by the amount of mental and emotional stress exerted onto the subject through a straightforward yet complex set of mathematical equations based on theoretical metaphysics which now that I think of it, isn’t that amusing either.

The Tokyo Subway is getting better all the time. The lines are all marked by colors and letters as well as names. Also the stations are numbered as well, making it even easier. But the stations can be a little overwhelming with thousands of people rushing by and most everything in Japaneese. So I’ll explain a few thing that may help.

I suggest getting a map of the subway from your hotel or print this one (TokyoSubwayMap) and figure out where you are going. Each station has a map that shows the fare to each of the other stations.

Tickets – There are a few choices for tickets:

  • Individual tickets are available for each trip. Find out how much the fare will be and purchase a ticket for that amount
  • Daily tickets which allow unlimited travel on the subway system. (Also available to include the bus)
  • Prepaid (1000, 3000, 5000 yen) called PassNet which are nice because you don’t have to worry about individual trip costs
  • It’s a great system and I’m very impressed…it goes like this:
    1) Insert your ticket to enter the station (it will mark the ticket and give it back to you)
    2) get on your train to your destination
    3) insert the ticket again as you exit the destination station (it will not give back single ride tickets)

    For an official guide, check out this site

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