Canada Immigration – Phase 3



I got my SENTRI pass which means that getting through customs should be a lot quicker. Note that I’ve included the conditional “should” in the previous sentence. I know this will not be the truth of the matter because although there is really NO reason to suspect me of anything…Canada immigration loves to have extended chats.

So now I get to zip past the crowds, past the lines of visitors, skirt around the baracades, because I’ve got a special card! “Suckers” I will yell as I pass all those tired and weary travellers waiting for these black clad, bullet proof, guardians to validate their worthiness to enter Canada before they crash into their hotel beds for the night. “Fools!” I’ll cry to them as my eyes are scanned by a lightening quick automated entry station. “I have a SPEED pass!” I’ll call to them as the supervisor pulls me into secondary inspection where I’ll stand in a much shorter line behind the backpacker that lost his passport at the Full Moon Party on Ko Penyang island and the stupid American in a business suit that is trying to attend a business meeting without a letter. But I’ll be there for a totally different reason, I hear they went me to be the Prime Minister!

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