Ok, I’m ready to admit I’ve been spoiled. In true spoiled-child fashion I didn’t even know why. Well I have realized on reason. (to all my siblings: it’s got nothing to do with frequency of travel…sorry Jesse.)
Travelling with others is harder, much harder than solo travelling. I’m not surprised that travel is considered so stressful. Mostly, I earned all my travel miles travelling solo and boy did I have it easy!
When you are alone, you only have to consider your own needs and don’t have to worry about getting split up! Add a significant other and all of a suddern you CARE! Add kids and this must get crazy…
I’ll note here that seat assignments from companies like Travelocity are only “requests”. So, you guessed it, we got messed with.
No big deal in the end.
No food either!
Here is the first photo of the trip: I hope the food gets better.

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