For our hotel in Roma I pocked a place just outside the city walls. (this means very little but we were outside the ‘old city’) You can save a lot of money by choosing a hotel a little ways away from the big attractions and probably won’t notice the difference too much. You are going to be walking a lot anyway and likely to take many buses and trams and metros durring your stay.
We were in the north west of the city and had 4 bus lines and a tram within 3 blocks. It was an easy walk and we didn’t have to wait long for buses to come by.
Considering the quantity of hotels to choose from, it is nearly pointless to note the one we had but it was Hotel Panama. It was a small 3 star and typical for a European hotel of that class. Don’t expect the Hyatt unless you book the Hyatt! Rooms will likely be smaller and elevators MUCH smaller (if there is one)

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