Bikers “share the road”?


In the last 24 hours I’ve been affected by bikers (the peddle variety) not paying attention to traffic laws twice. The first time, a set of 3 riders blew through a stop sign and almost got hit by a car, which had stopped and was entering the intersecion slowly. The bikers shouted obscenities at the car as the blasted past. ‘idiots’ I thought.
Then last night I got news that my brother broke his jaw in an accident with another biker that didn’t stop at the sign. He’s now eating through a straw because some biker didn’t need to stop.
So this tells me 2 things:
1) bikers think that because they have put their life at risk by being out with these cars, they have the right to disregard traffic laws. Hey, you want to know why drivers hate you? Because your not following the laws! Who would respect the car driver that shoots through stop signs? No one! Explain to me why you think you are above that law.
2) Bikers don’t see other bikers EATHER! Don’t complain about drivers not paying attention when you can’t do it yourself!

And I don’t care if your having a good chat with your buddy. Get in single file when there is a car behind you. Let the car pass! Ok, getting tweeked over this one? Imagine there is a pair of slow bikers taking up the road in front of you and your friend riding up a hill. Should you slow down and go at their speed, you can’t get by safely without them moving so … You need them to move over don’t you? So what do you do? The same thing you complain about cars doing! You tell them to move over.

Why the double standard? Because we are people. For some reason we all complain. Drivers complain about slow drivers as much as slow bikes. Bikers complain about careless drivers and the price of “energy-goo”.

Me, I hope bikers stay out there. We are killing the enviroment and the colorful birds are disappearing. Bikers are replacing that color loss with their skin tight shirts! Oh…sorry… ‘Race jerseys’.

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