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Xplor is a theme park just outside Playa del Carmen. It is about 10 miles south on the main highway for those with a car. It’s very pricey at $99 US ( off season) and a whopping $139 in high season but you can get price breaks or even free tix by doing time share presentations ( which is what we did)
So, ok, it was free but cost us 2.5 hours of our time but it was well worth the time. There are 4 things to do there. That may not seem like much but each can take a fair amount of time. We got there at 9am and it was about 4pm when we finished everything and left. Note, you can only do each thing once. They marked our wristbands so we could not do them over again.

Note!!! Leave your camera in the lockers! Nearly everything will get you wet! If you have a waterproof camera, even better but don’t think you get “Just a little wet”. Trust me and leave the camera.

4 activities:
Zip lines:this is the big attraction. it consists of many zip lines (14) that fly you above the treetops from tower to tower. It’s fun but you must keep climbing the towers. If you are not in good shape, you will be winded. Also, the heat can be a killer. But the experience is great and Sandra had a smile on her face the whole time. It also includes one water slide and 3 of the zip lines end in the water.

ATV drive: kinda fun unless you get stuck behind a slow driver. Watch you control, whoever, since you WILL have to pay for any damage to the car! It’s fun, you drive through caves and stuff. Not a big wow thing but kinda cool.

Cave swim: this is a swim! Not a river, it’s all you. The water depth is between 5 and 7 feet mostly so you will not be able to “walk” the whole way but can walk some. They give you a lifreserver but Sandra didn’t like the fact that you needy swim the whole time. Too bad you can’t just float the whole way, that would be nicer.

Rafts: ok, first off, LEARN to control a raft! So many traffic jams because some brain dead couples couldn’t turn their raft properly! Argh!!! They should have a special river for the short-bus people. Having said that, this may have been my favorite. The pace is fairly slow, the river is very nice, and it’s nice and cool.

The park does offer a free buffet lunch. It is a fairly good selection but none of the food is very good. It’s what you would expect from an all-inclusive place. Free beverages and juice. No alcohol though.

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