In foreign countries we often see signs that are amusing. Sometimes it is because they are spelled wrong or phrased differently but sometimes it is the lack of English that makes it fun. Here are a few examples I found on my wanderings:

In this park in Bangkok, it it not allowed to smoke, spit, or pick up trash. (The trash collection union must be extreemly stong in this part of town!)
Strong unions protect the rights of

This park is very strict. Even more important then the “no dogs” rule is getting rid of those damn family walks! Kids are to be seen and not walked! Just to rub it in, they have installed a swingset anyway…I didn’t get a photo of all the kids crying at the gate because they can’t come in but not to worry, I did tease them by: swinging, screaming with glee, jumping off, pointing and laughing?
In this park, you dont want to be caught walking your dog or walk you child in this park! Never mind the swingset in the background.

It is not common knowledge that the streets of Siam (Thailand) were once paved with gold. In the past this caused a problem as residents would steal parts of the street to buy things like cool bumber stickers (see below). The government made an attempt to stop this by paving over the streets and making gold prospecting illegal within the city limits.
Ever since the discovery of gold in the streets, they've had a real problem in Bangkok...

An example of the quality bumber stickers available here. The US has naked lady mud-flaps but “lady putting her underwear on” … now THAT is HOT!
Not to be out-done by the naked lady mudflaps of the US truckers, the Thais have one-upped us again!!!

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