Yesterday was spent wandering around Bangkok. The APBO conference doesn’t start until tonight so I had some time to kill. As I mentioned, this is my fourth or fifth time in Bangkok so I’m over the standard tourist sites. It’s too bad though because it would be nice to include photos of those here.

A row of street vendors near Potpong

Take a look at all the food here!

Eating seems to be a passion in Bangkok. There are tons of small sidewalk vendors selling everything from fried fish to noodles and curries. The food is great and cheap and you can usually find something you recognize to order. These carts are really pretty clean and I thing sanitation is very good although the quality of food can range.

This was a side street cafe I wandered into. Great food and very comfortable!This was a great little cafe on a side street by the river. It is finding places like this that make wandering the city so much fun. The food was great and the atmosphere was neat. You can see the French influence.

A typical Budist temple in BangkokTemples! You can’t swing a dead cat in Bangkok without finding a temple…ok, you probably can’t swing much of anything without hitting a food vendor. So temple are probably the second most common thing in Bangkok. Oh, wait, 7/11 is probably second more common so temples are most certanly the third or something. Most are very colorful and often tucked back off the street. Below is a photo of a typical Budist temple.
I’ve booked my trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia for a few days after the conference. It is going to cost me about 10000bt for the round trip on Bangkok Airways. There is a typhoon off the coast of Hong Kong…hope that doesn’t cause bad weather.


Here is a photo of the STA travel office I used to book the flight. If you will notice, ther are many chairs so I sat down to wait…and wait…oh, it seems these people don’t see you unless you take a number from the cat in the corner. Once I did that, I was called right away.

Ok, I’m going to write a whole post on massages in Thailand but this shot amused me.
Massage with lightly pay

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